Step 1 Cleanse


Often when people think about products to improve their skin or address particular issues they think of moisturisers, serums, masks, I’m guessing not many will consider the humble cleanser.

But how we cleanse the skin, the products we use and the ingredients they contain can actually have a dramatic effect on the health and appearance of our skin. 

The outer layer of our skin is an important protective shield creating a barrier against microbial, fungal and parasitic invasion, protecting us from UV radiation and minimising water and nutrient loss from the deeper layers. This protective layer is formed from tightly overlapped cells coated in a thin layer of protective fatty acids and waxes forming a lipid layer which in turn is home to our all important skin microbiome. Read more about the skin barrier here.

Foaming cleansers, no matter how gentle they claim to be, can negatively disrupt this lipid layer and our microbiome. Cream cleansers contain surfactants and emulsifiers which can also negatively effect the lipid layer.

Having a well-established lipid barrier and diverse skin flora are key to skin health, helping to protect from the elements, inflammation, transepidermal water loss, and microbial imbalances.

Lusan Cleanser has been formulated to support the protective skin barrier to gently yet effectively cleanse, leaving the skin soft, comfortable and glowing with health.

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Lusan Purity Cleanser Concentrate
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