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  • The Skin; Our Protector
  • Eat The Rainbow

    What is eating the Rainbow? My family, friends and clients are frequently subjected to hearing me bang on about ‘eating the rainbow’, but what do I actually mean. It’s simple...

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  • Liver Health And The Detoxification Process
  • Hormone Balance with Seed Cycling

    Seed Cycling is a simple practice that can be used by women looking to achieve better hormonal balance and elevate many of the symptoms linked to the menstrual cycle. Many...

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  • Supporting Menopause
  • Collagen and Healthful Skin Ageing

    What is Collagen Collagen makes up 75-80% of our skin, it is a fibrous, supportive protein, often referred to as the scaffolding of our skin, it provides the support matrix...

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  • The Skin: Our Protective Barrier
  • Thinking of a January Detox

    An incredible 75% of us start a new diet regime after Christmas. Every January it feels like the media bombard us with ideas for the New Year Detox. It’s understandable...

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  • Skincare of a Nutritionist
  • Facial Fascia Rejuvenation

    Firstly what is Fascia.  Fascia is the connective tissue that surrounds and holds every organ, muscle, blood vessel, bone and nerve fibre in place. It is referred to as Dense...

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  • Endometriosis Support
  • Let's Talk Sugar!

    'No Refined Sugar', that’s a good thing isn’t it? How often do you see food labels or recipes described as ‘refined sugar free’? It’s a phrase we see more and...

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  • Interview - Soma Rituals
  • Exploring Slow Beauty

      Slow Beauty is a phrase we’re hearing more often in the beauty and skincare world, but what does it mean?Slow Beauty is a philosophy that encourages people to focus...

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