Aromatic Noodle Laksa

Aromatic Noodle Laksa

Aromatic Noodle Laksa

I’m sure you’ve noticed my love for quick, easy dishes packed with nutrients, supertasty to get those taste buds tingling and with little washing up at the end!

This is a dish I’ve been cooking for years, it’s changed and morphed over that time. Starting out as a south east Asian Laksa, a sort of rich noodle soup to the thicker stir-fry type dish it is today. All the same flavours just a thicker sauce. 

This is a lovely vegetarian dish or you can choose to add chicken strips, salmon or prawns, it’s so versatile. If using chicken I tend to cook separately in a frying pan adding in to the sauce a few minutes before serving. Salmon I cut into cubes and add about 5 mins before serving, prawns I add about 3 mins before serving.  

You can buy a Laksa paste in supermarkets for ease, but I find people often forget about jars in the back of the fridge and end up throwing things in the bin, so my advice is just use my ‘spice mix’ as a base, it keeps in the cupboard for weeks and weeks but as you’ve seen I use it in lots of things so it’s never around that long!


1 tbs of oil
1-2 red chillies finely chopped plus extra finely sliced for garnish
2 shallots (or 1 onion) finely chopped
4 gloves of garlic crushed
Handful of fresh coriander, leaves and stems, finely chopped plus extra for garnish
1 tbs of my spice mix
1/2 piece of fresh ginger grated

250ml of coconut milk
3 tbs rich soy sauce
150ml vegetable or chicken stock
1-2 tsp fish sauce

Selection of vegetable thinly sliced such as
Mixed papers
Mange tout
Baby corn cobs
Pak choy
Tenderstem broccoli 
Whole baby spinach 

To serve
1 Lime
Red Chilli
Coriander leaves 


Heat oil on a medium heat and add everything from the first section, cook until softened.

Pour in the coconut milk and bring to the boil.

Stir in soy sauce and add vegetables. 

Cook for about 10 minutes until vegies have softened. Add in salmon, prawns chicken etc

Season with fish sauce 

Serve with rice noodles, garnish with coriander, chilli and lime wedges.