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Online 1-1 

  • 90 minute initial consultation
  • 3 x 45 minute review
  • Bespoke treatment plan
  • Including dietary recommendation and supplement recommendations (if necessary)
  • Suggested meal plans and recipes to get you started
  • Holistic lifestyle recommendations 
  • Email support throughout programme (during working hours)
  • Lusan Organic Skincare Products  

This is an online 1-1 holistic programme to support those affected by acne, achieve balanced glowing skin by supporting the entire body for health and vitality. 

As a registered Nutritional Therapist and an accredited Esthetician I’m in a unique position to understand and offer support to those affected by acne.

Using my knowledge of nutritional science and nutrigenetics- how your body’s genetic makeup effects how it responds to nutrients in food and how food can affect how those genes are expressed, I tailor holistic plans to support you from the inside out. 

Acne is not simply a skin condition. Our skin is a ‘window’ to what is going on internally and therefore taking a whole body approach, real change can be achieved.

I know how frustrating and disheartening it can be when you constantly do everything imaginable to clear your skin and nothing seems to work. I was that person for more years than I care to remember.

Often when I begin working with someone it’s after years of heart ache, time and energy wasted on finding a solution, not to mention vast amounts of money spent on products promising, clear acne free skin. 

The precise mechanisms of acne are still not fully understood, but we do know that as well as our genetic makeup, a complex interaction of various hormones, bacteria and inflammation are all at play. To learn more read my article on The Mechanisms Behind Acne .

We can’t change the genes we are born with but we can affect how those genes are expressed or activated. 

Through the scientific study of the human genome we now know that the foods we eat have a profound affect on how our genes are expressed. This is key to understanding how food can affect the development of acne, why some people can eat certain foods with no ill affects and why some can’t. 

Treating Acne Holistically

Inner Health
This programme aims to support all aspects of your health to achieve clear glowing skin, body and mind.

Together we will consider how best to support you on your journey to clear healthy skin and look at the body systems implicated in the development and progression of acne, such as the gastrointestinal tract and digestion, the liver, detoxification and eliminatory processes, the endocrine system (hormones) and how inflammation and an imbalance in gut bacteria can all be contributing to your acne.

A full consultation will help determine which areas and body systems require to be supported, we are all unique and it will be different for each person. 

Together we will discuss your individual needs, we will look at any dietary and lifestyle changes that would be beneficial and if there are any nutrient deficiencies that need addressed.

My aim is to give you the support and knowledge, to put you in control of not just your acne but your overall health and wellbeing, and not just for the time being, but for life. I want you to be excited by your plan, to feel motivated and committed to achieving better skin, better health and a better mindset.

My recommendations will include dietary advice, to help you make informed choices about the most supportive foods for YOU. I will include recipes and meal plans. I will recommend supplements where necessary, but these are only recommendations and are not obligatory.


Outer Beauty
The second part of the plan focuses on supporting and protecting the skin from the outside, with facial treatments and a home skin care regime to repair and support the skins barrier function, enhance protection, encourage decongestion and detoxification to eliminate cellular waste and toxins and soothe inflammation


Skin care products
Although acne has an internal root cause, the skincare products that we choose have a role to play in mitigating against harm and alleviating symptoms.

Many commercial skincare products are made using cheap fillers and ingredients with known irritants, to keep production costs low. At best these products offer little or no therapeutic value and at worst do more harm by damaging our protective lipid barrier and disrupting our beneficial microbiome.

Plant ingredients on the other hand contain hundreds of beneficial components that work synergistically to provide therapeutic assistance to our skin. They are often very similar to substances we produce in our bodies making them incredibly bioavailable. Plant ingredients work with your body, not against it! Topical whole food plant products provide support to:

  • Reduce inflammation
  • Support a healthy lipid barrier
  • Support a diverse and healthy microbiome
  • Encourage lymphatic movement

Reduce Inflammation 
Inflammation is a natural immune response to a ‘stressor”. Pharmaceuticals can suppress this natural and important action that is actually vital for overall health. Rather than shutting down these responses, plants support the body through this process.

Supporting Healthy Barrier
For years we have been encouraged to believe that acne skin requires more cleaning to remove excess oils and build up of skin cells. But interfering with the outer protective layer has a detrimental effect. 

It provides protection from pathogens, environmental elements and pollution. Removing it can lead to inflammation, leaving our skin unprotected, to compensate for this, the skin works harder to produce more oils to replace those that have been stripped away, leading to oiler skin!


Supporting a Diverse Microbiome
The surface of our skin is home to a vast collection of beneficial microorganisms, ensuring that we have diversity and that no single strain becomes dominant is vital for skin health. When we wipe out the microbiome with topical antibiotics, harsh cleansers, acids and alcohol we leave it vulnerable to infection. 

Whole plant ingredients including unrefined oils and plant waters provide the nutrients for beneficial microorganisms to flourish.