Clarifying and Decongesting Facial

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Option: Plant Assisted Detox Facial


Clear and decongest skin by reducing inflammation, diversifying the microbiome and enhancing lymphatic flow.

This calming and supportive facial treatment is ideal for congested and acne skin, with a primary focus on restoring equilibrium and assisting waste removal on multiple levels.

The lymphatic system, the system responsible for removing metabolic waste and toxins from the tissues of the body, can easily become overwhelmed creating stagnation and inflammation.

Acne skin is in a state of crisis, inflammation, redness and sensitivity are very common. Conventional treatments for acne can be very harsh, often drying the skin out in an attempt to reduce oil production. This often results in dry flaky skin that is still oily and shiny, as the body produces even more sebum  in an attempt to replace what has been stripped away.

Often the skin barrier function has been compromised by harsh and sensitising chemicals that have disrupted the the outer lipid layer and also the beneficial microflora, leaving the skin inflamed, red and open to colonisation by undesirable bacteria.  

In this facial I treat the skin with care and consciousness, warm herbal compresses prepare the skin for gentle yet thorough cleansing followed by very gentle exfoliation to remove dead skin cells but maintain the integrity of the acid mantle to support healthy skin barrier function.

Using a rhythmical massage technique, movement of lymph is first stimulated within the entire body to prepare and open lymph pathways, before subtle rolling, pumping and wave-like movements gently stimulate the lymph vessels of the face, supporting and encouraging the efficient removal of cellular waste, enhancing circulation and creating space for fresh nutrient delivery and tissue strengthening.

Using preparations made with medicinal herbal plants with a long history of calming inflammation and supporting skin healing, this treatment will help the skin to regulate, heal and restore balance. Organic Chamomile, passionflower, turmeric and lavender support healthy skin functioning without stripping the natural oils, drying, or removing the beneficial microflora colonies on the skin surface.

Please note extractions are never included, I believe these to be too forceful and traumatic for the delicate skin and tissues of the face. If skin congestion is a concern I recommend weekly facial treatments that include my lymphatic stimulation to encourage movement of accumulated waste beneath the skin that can lead to cysts, blackheads and and papules on the surface. This achieves a deeper, continuing cleansing for long term benefit.

For acne skins I recommend having a course of 6 treatments. Lymphatic stimulation effectively encourages the removal of accumulated waste and toxins within the tissues that cause congestion and contribute to the development of spots and blackheads. Weekly appointments support the re-establishment of proper lymph function to effectively reduce congestion from returning.

After a short regular course, monthly to two monthly treatments with home care products and techniques focusing on lymphatic support are recommended to support continued ease of waste removal and prevent congestion from returning.

I offer a reduced rate of £320 for those wishing to have a course of treatments. Although weekly appointments are most effective you have 10 weeks to complete this course.

Please also see the Acne Programme which offers targeted internal support with nutritional consultations for acne along side the Clarifying and Decongesting Facial. 

1 hour 30 minutes