Facial Yoga Programme

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This is a 4 week programme and includes

  • 1 hour weekly sessions over 4 weeks.
  • Personal skin consultation and discussion of personal face goals
  • Deluxe sample sizes of Lusan Elixir and Serum
  • Rose Quartz Gua Sha stone and fundamental Gua Sha techniques to aid relaxation after your workout. 


To tone and firm the muscles of the body we exercise, the muscles of the face too can benefit from exercising.

I dislike the term ‘anti-ageing’, I prefer to think of ‘vibrant ageing’, full of life and energy. There is no miracle treatment, product or magic potion that stops this natural process. But we can slow this process and soften the effects that ageing has.

The muscles on the face are tightly connected, they overlap and often are connected to other muscles rather than to bone. They vary in shape, size and weight, activating and strengthening the larger muscles we creates a strong foundation for the smaller muscles.

In this exercise class you will learn how to train your muscles for the ultimate natural facelift. Tone sagging skin, soften wrinkles, reduce puffiness and nasolabial folds, the skin will look and feel revitalised, smoother, firmer and rejuvenated.

When performed correctly and regularly, facial exercises can improve your skins general health, not only toning and firming muscles, but stimulating the flow of lymph for clearer radiant skin, boosting collagen and elastin production, meaning plumper, smoother more vibrant looking healthy skin.

It will also improve the circulation not just to your facial muscles but also to your brain, therefore helping to combat head aches and improve improve concentration.

Facial Yoga helps you to achieve naturally toned skin and a balanced facial form.