Nutritional Therapy Initial Consultation + Follow Up

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You’ve got to Nourish to Flourish, here’s how we do it.

Health Consultations are split over two sessions. The initial health consultation lasts approximately 90 minutes, with a follow up review 4-6 weeks later.

Step 1
Review of current eating habits, health history and lifestyle factors

Before our consultation I will send you a health questionnaire to be filled out and returned prior to our meeting.

You will be asked to keep a food diary for 7 days. This allows me to review your current diet, lifestyle, health history and general wellbeing, to enable me to identify possible nutrient deficiencies and key areas of health to support.

Step 2
The consultation
This can be done online or in person at my studio. We will review your questionnaire and food diary, discuss your key areas of concern and how best to support these within your daily life.

Step 3
Your bespoke Nourish to Flourish Plan
Using evidence based nutritional science, I will create an agreed nutrition strategy that is designed specifically for you, taking into account your lifestyle and budget.

You are very much involved in this process, I want you to feel excited and energised by your programme, I want you to enjoy caring for your health, it should not feel like an impossible challenge, but a very achievable goal.

This programme should be one that not only addresses your concerns, but also supports your overall health and fits manageably into your daily life. Any changes required can be discussed and we can work at implementing those changes at a pace you are comfortable with.

Your curated plan will have suggestions on ways to improve and enhance not only your diet but your lifestyle too. There will be plenty of food and meal ideas, to enable you to make informed choices to ensure you are adding in the vital nutrients YOUR body needs to be nourished for optimum health.

We will discuss any nutrient deficiencies and whether there is a need for targeted supplements.

Step 4
Support for your journey
My aim is to guide you on your journey to improved health, encouraging you to make informed choices, so each day is a joyful experience as you continue towards your goals.

My hope is the knowledge you gain becomes part of your everyday living, not just now but for a continued future of deeply nourished health.

A follow up consultation around four weeks after the initial consultation, allows us to review how your progress is going. We will discuss, any difficulties you may have had, make any necessary adjustments, possibly set some new goals and explore strategies for your continued health improvement.

To book your initial consultation call 0781 347 2062
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