Holistic Body Treatment

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This treatment begins with a warm foot bath, the stresses of the day melt away in warmth and pampering.

Once you are made warm and comfortable, I use rhythmical touch and flowing movements to gently connect with the tissues of the body, relaxing the muscles and guiding the flow of lymph to release blockages and encourage the removal of metabolic waste.

Only gentle pressure is used, with slow loosening circles to encourage both mental and physical relaxation. This gentle yet deeply relaxing massage technique creates a conscious, stimulating experience that boosts inner vitality, promoting regeneration, supporting the immune system and general health. 

This full body massage begins on the back, gently releasing tension from the neck, shoulders, arms, legs and feet, before turning over to gently massage the front of the legs, hands, arms and finishing with the décolleté and a short rest period.

You leave with a deep awareness of relaxation, feeling more grounded, with a sense of overall wellbeing.

1 Hour 45 Mins