Intensive Signature Facial Series

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While there is definitely more to life than ‘great’ skin, how our skin looks can effect how we feel about ourself. It is also true that the health of our skin is a reflection of our overall health and wellness, the two are intrinsically linked. 

Our lifestyle choices, form the foods we eat to nourish the developing cells from within, the skin care preparations we apply to support skin function, the amount and quality of our sleep to allow for repair, exercise, our stress levels, even the cleaning products in our home and our exposure to environmental toxins, all play their part in our health and how we age.

When it comes to looking after the skin specifically, ensuring the food we eat is providing the necessary nurients to duild healthy skin cells and choosing skin care preparations that support healthy cell turnover, strengthen the integrity of the skin barrier function and feed the beneficial bacteria is crucial. Many skin care products force the skin into a healing crisis to speed up cell renewal, this causes irritation and inflammation that ultimately hastens the ageing process.

Regular hands on facial treatments aid the healthy functioning of the skins natural rhythms and help bring a sense of balance and calm to our busy lives. Sometimes our skin requires a little help to find its rhythm again and that’s when a course of facials can be very beneficial. 

Having regular holistic facials using the principles of lymph stimulation to promote the ease of flow within the tissues, eliminating stagnant waste and fascia massage to tone muscles, release tension, promote collagen production, to support the skins inherent ability to heal, visibly reducing lines and puffiness, slowing the natural ageing process, to reveal your true beauty and inner glow.

This Series is an ‘intensive’ programme of six Signature Facials, focusing on supporting healthy functioning of the skin. As we age collagen formation decreases, leading to a loss of elasticity, development of fine lines making skin look tired and dull, making this series particularly beneficial for those concerned with the ageing process.

Experience the incredible potency and power of phytonutrient dense organic whole plant skin preparations in this weekly facial treatment. Ideally taken weekly for full effect, you do have ten weeks from the start of the series if needed (to allow for life that sometimes doesn’t go to plan) to complete the course. 

Over the course we will be able to address the concerns you may have, whether it be dullness, dryness, lines and ageing, sun damage, inflammation and irritation, peri or post menopausal issues, breakouts etc, each appointment will allow us to discuss and monitor your progress.

Each Signature Facial Series includes;

6x  2 hour Signature Facial Experience 

3 week menu plan and recipes