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Title: Signature Facial Seasonal Experience


Our skin is incredible. It is our protective shield, our first line of defence to the outside world, keeping things that may be harmful such as bacteria, viruses and other infectious agents along with toxins and pollution out, while keeping the things our body needs to function properly, such as water and nutrients in.

Caring for ourselves can sometimes fell indulgent, but it should be a priority! We are all guilty, myself included, of putting others needs before our own.

As women with busy lives and what sometimes feels like impossible demands on our time, we often end up at the bottom of our 'to do list'. But if we aren't taking care of ourselves then we won't be in the best position to take care of those around us.

Time in my studio will not only soothe and calm your busy mind, giving you time to relax and re-energise, but it will do wonders for your skin and how you look and feel about yourself.

The Seasonal Signature Facial Experience aims to support your skin and the changing demands it experiences by acknowledging the natural rhythms of the seasons. The seasons are one of many cyclical phenomenon that exist in our world, with each phase giving way to the next in perfect harmony. Honouring this continual rhythm is something we have done for centuries, but the noise and hub bub of our modern lives tends to distract us from our bodies natural desire to follow these.

When we recognise and intentionally transition with the seasons we are better able to support our physical and mental wellbeing and our skin.


A time of growth and re-awakening in the natural world. Our skin is awakening too from its slow internal movements of winter. It is a time for nutrient replenishment for  improved health and vitality. 

Nutrient dense superfoods such as Nettle containing all the necessary building blocks for collagen, connective tissue and healthy cell renewal. Rosemary to promote circulatory and lymphatic movement, strengthening connective tissue and promoting healthy cell turnover. And beautiful Lemon Balm not only rich in antioxidants particularly Ferulic acid but also has a deep affinity with the lymph system and helps to support immunity.

The plant world is in full bloom, the insects are buzzing and at times the air is almost vibrating with the heat of the summer sun. It's a beautiful time of year but it can leave our skin dehydrated and vulnerable to UV damage. Providing the skin with deep hydration, flavonoids and carotenoids for UV defence will see our skin blossom through this season.

Roses are deeply hydrating, softening and soothing sun irritated skin and strengthening connective tissue. Antioxidant rich Cornflowers help to protect against free radical damage, have anti-inflammatory properties and can aid would healing (bug bites and sun burn). And carotenoid rich Chrysanthemum strengthens the skins natural UV defences, and provides soothing care to red inflamed reactive skin.

Harvest time, summers bounty gifted to us. The joy and pleasure of time spent out doors, summer sun and beach fun can leave the skin dry, rough and damaged, skin tone may have become irregular with visible signs of hyperpigmentation. It can be a time for repair. Gentle exfoliation can improve and repair texture and carotenoids can even out skin tone, providing continuing protection.

Calendula is rich in vitamin C and caretonoids, providing antioxidants to help brighten and even skin tone. Rosehip is rich in a variety of antioxidants, flavonoids and carotenoids to brighten and hydrate. And berries such as Goji, Acai, Acerola and Sea Buckthorn are a potent source of vitamins, flavonoids, polysaccharides and enzymes to gently exfoliate while deeply hydrating for a real sense of repair and protection.

The time when our body naturally turns inwards and slows as the days shorten and the temperature lowers. Lymph can tend towards sluggishness at this time. We want to honour and respect this natural slowing but ensure we maintain slow deep movement, with gentle nourishment and deep hydration to support our skin though this period to remerge with health in the spring. 

Marshmallow is a deeply hydrating root, it can benefit the fascia by breaking up adhesions and plumping the skin to reduce line formation. It's nature own Hyaluronic Acid. Astragalus supports healthy immune response and is restorative to DNA. Turmeric is highly anti-inflammatory, repairing cellular damage and gently stimulating lymph and circulatory movement.

However at the heart of this seasonal experience is you and what your unique and individual skin needs may be. We will honour the rhythms of nature but you will be the focus. Be still, rest, relax, recharge. Reconnect with nature and your own inner rhythm, to feel balance and harmony within and to gently glow without. 

Optional Home Care products, includes full size Purity Cleanser, Essence and Face Oil or Balm. 


Signature Facial Seasonal Experience:

4x Signature Facials Experience