When a skincare product contains any form of water, then a preservative is needed to prevent growth of bacteria and micro organisms, which can naturally flourish in the presence of water.  

I have been very methodical in my search for wholly natural preservatives that are supremely effective but also not detrimental to the skin or its protective microbiome. I found it in an innovative range produced from naturally occurring compounds that not only provide broad-spectrum antimicrobial protection but also offer incredible skin care benefits.

Radish root ferment filtrate and Lactobacilus ferment, utilise the natural mechanisms developed by plants by which they protect themselves from their environment and competing organisms. They use lactic acid cultures extensively employed in the production of fermented foods like kimchi and sauerkraut. The micro organism Lactobacillus Kimchii (which kimchi is named for) is naturally present in radish. These unique natural antimicrobials act as self-preserving cosmetic actives, making them an excellent and effective alternative to synthetic preservatives.

But there is also a side benefit to these natural cultures. Studies show that products made with Radish root ferment filtrate or Lactobacillus ferment significantly improve the moisture levels of the skin compared to the same product made without it, by up to 14.38% after 24 hours and 24.13% after 4 weeks.